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Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations

With customer support channels experiencing a huge surge in inquiries and the growing need to continue customer engagement, we can ease the situation by enabling you to answer your customer FAQ’s via a Chatbot on WhatsApp.
We’re working 24/7 and can equip you with the following :
  1. Free business account on WhatsApp & Web-Widget
  2. Free chatbot with the capability to answer 10 FAQs
  3. All under 24 hours. Unlimited Conversations. Free for a month.
  4. Customised solutions also available.
Looking for an innovative way to reach out and engage your customers during COVID-19?
Nixplay Signage is an out-of-the-box solution that helps companies get their messages across in a simple and effective way. Join other healthcare practices, hospitals, restaurants, and retail locations to launch your digital signage today.
We are currently offering 15% off on our Nixplay Signage Displays from 8" - 32".
Please reach out to us at to get your free product demo today!

Sifudigital is a digital marketing agency specialized in e-Commerce and lead generation.
We are experts in the fields of Shopify, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads and Email Marketing.
We provide turnkey solutions as well as coaching and trainings for companies and individuals.
Performance driven, our goal is to help our clients to find new strategies and methods to boost revenues, profits and leads.
Get in touch with us now for a Free Consultation!
Strategic and 360 marketing communications consultation for businesses with diverse background, sizes and nature's.
I am a digital consultant with 10+ years experience in digital. I've worked with a range of clients and have just launched my own consulting, "Ask Eugene!"
I can help you navigate the digital landscape whether that's to do with ecommerce, website or app builds, social media, SEO, digital strategy or customer experience.
Reach out to me if you want to learn how to transform your business during these trying times. I typically charge HKD2,000 for an hour's chat but happy to give 50% off!
I would like to offer a special offer to my company's unique event technology that drives engagement at offline events and also online campaigns.
We invented the world's first hashtag printer, the world's first hashtag mosaic and now we also have the world's first digital hashtag mosaic which we can host online.

We help brands figure out marketing - just because everyone is on social media, doesn't mean that you need to be to (but if you are, let's figure out how to make it work for you).

Strategy sessions are typically 2 day workshops (starting at HKD40k+), 50% off to help you get started!

Banking, Finance & Insurance

Neat is here to enable the entrepreneur economy – starting with fully digital multi-currency accounts built for today's entrepreneur.
The Neat Business Account gives you the ability to send and receive money globally at lower exchange rates than you would get from a bank; access Neat Mastercards for online and offline spending, as well as ATM withdrawals; and includes intuitive expense tracking and security features.
In response to COVID-19, from today until the end of May, we’re waiving card subscription fees and transaction fees for incoming or outgoing bank transfers.

Charity and Giving

We have an urgent demand for key staples that can be packed into food parcels for low-income families and seniors.
Drop of any of the below foods at one of our community collection points and we'll make sure their shared with the frontline charities working hard to feed those most in need.

Education, Training & Coaching

I’d love to help all businesses understand and leverage the power of EARNED social media to build executive presence, company and brand trust and strong supportive networks beyond just advertising.
I run programs that focus on *behaviour change* instead of simply “telling you” what to do. I will teach, train and handhold you and your executive, sales, marketing and bizdev teams to actually change your habits with professional use of social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Insta, FB).
Instead of a normal 12-week program, I will shorten this to 4 weeks. Happy to offer this at half price for groups of 5-10 people at a time.
Business, Corporate, or even Life Coaching can help you find a way to move forward in challenging times.
Using conversation, reframing, and various coaching models, I want to help you give your dreams and goals legs. In other words,
Goals are Dreams with Legs (an action plan). You already have it in you, I am only the Diamond Cutter, you are the Diamond.
3 hours of video/ online one to one coaching, for HK businesses.
I am an experienced and qualified Coach who loves working with startups and entrepreneurs.
Happy to help work through any motivation, communication, business strategy coaching. You choose the subject for the duration.
Highly motivated persons wanting to learn financial derivatives (stock index) trading either for a job opportunity or for own trading will not be charged any fee by 35-years experienced mentor.
Learning process requires students to create online videos with narration, text and infographic from the content supplied by the mentor.
Offering FREE Work From Home courses for your business.
Courses include:
  1. Coronavirus Precautions for Work & Home
  2. Setting Up a Home Office for Remote Work
  3. Work From Home Tips To Stay Connected and Productive

Also offering 33% off annual subscriptions to the GoSkills training library.
  • Learn the essentials of Blockchain, what it is, and what it can do, with ConsenSys Academy, in our brand new Essentials course, getting you up-to-speed and ready for 2020.
  • One of the world’s largest blockchain companies, ConsenSys is a global leader in the field and the Academy can offer you cutting-edge education drawn from some of the best minds in the industry.
  • Use discount code, "HomeWorking2020", for 30% off (valid until 31st May, 2020).
Catalyst Thrive Series: best content from our flagship corporate programmes to support our community to not just survive but adapt, recover and thrive.
Grow your impact with CABI (20/5)
Try our investment education collective for a month for a dollar.
From putting together a set and forget portfolio to trading options.
Something here for anyone interested in taking control of their financial future.
Learn it once: earn forever.
Albert is an easy way to quickly connect with your teams, understand their performance, help them succeed.With our white-labeled mobile apps, we make sure everyone has access to your content in a way they love, validate skills they need and engage with your brand and enterprise community.
We offer 50% on the first 2 months to eligible companies.
FIRE🔥 is a self-development and mentorship program for professionals and entrepreneurs.
This program will be hugely beneficial if you want to:
  • Recalibrate what's really important in your career
  • Start a business or improve the one you already have

It includes 8 one-hour audio sessions and a workbook. Each session has short assignments which will be checked by our team.
We are now offering special discounts:
  • The first 2 sessions are free
  • Business Plan (originally US$ 168, now US$ 98) by using 60% off code: business852
  • Standard Plan (originally US$ 98, now US$ 78) by using 20% off code: standard852
As implied by our tagline "Ascend Together", Ascension Associates is offering 10% discount for team coaching sessions and individual coaching sessions. (minimum commitment for team coaching sessions - team size of 30; 3 sessions for individual coaching).
We are a strategy and human capital consulting firm specializing in organizational development, executive coaching and executive search services. Based in HK with SE Asia reach.

Entertainment, Food & Leisure

The new normal of going online for work or school has lost its glamour to many of us.
What about going online to do something fun, smart, interactive, competitive, social?
Join our online chess classes - Discount 25% of the monthly fee.
Or join our online chess tournament, the largest in Hong Kong, from round 3 and 4 (Sunday 3 and 17 May 4-6pm) also at 50% discount (only 50HKD).
An oasis located in the heart of LKF, The Nest offers a perfectly relaxed place for you to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.
10-day Flash Sale for Cash Vouchers of The Nest, until 16th May, 2020
  • pay $2,100 for $3,000 vouchers (30% discount)
  • pay $3,000 for $5,000 vouchers (40% discount)
  • pay $5,000 for $10,000 vouchers (50% discount)
  • Purchase date from 6th May Wednesday until 16th May Saturday

Redeem Date: 8th May 2020 - until 30 December, 2020
Black Out Dates Apply: 24th-26th Dec, 31st Dec

Healthcare, Medical & Veterinary

10% discount on visit fee having the vet come to your place, rather than taking your pet to a clinic.
Discover the care and convenience of a medical house call for your pet.
Normal fee's are HK$650 up (includes one complementary dog or cat annual vaccine if required).

Photography & Printing

Daniel Murray Photography
Book a photography service worth over 4,000 hkd and get a 25% discount (events, portraits, interior, lifestyle, food photography).

Retail & eCommerce

Get a 75HKD discount on Lookdiary by using the code "Welcome" at checkout.
Lookdiary brings to Hongkongers an intuitive and easy way to chose and book any beauty treatments in the city with relevant information. Our credo is convenience for beauty users.
We provide reliable information on prices, pictures and reviews on all our partners, in order for you to book seamlessly your next appointment at their preferred schedule.
We also offer a vested selection of cosmetic products at a great price to offer an inclusive experience and let our customers improve their beauty routine at home as well.
Storefront is the world's leading online marketplace for renting short term retail space.We aim to make offline retail accessible to any business.
Retail is no longer about buying products but rather it's about providing an experience that consumers delight in. We are building the future of retail by making it more engaging, more transparent and more productive. Our vision is to make retail globally accessible.
Get in touch with us now for a Free retail Consultation on how to address the retail market post-Covid19!
Holistic Pet Help focuses on maximizing the health and well-being of your loved companion animals (Cats, Dogs & Horses) with proven, respected and well-established products covering aromatherapy, herbal remedies and natural supplements. We have been in business in Hong Kong for over 10 years.
We are pleased to offer FREE SF Express Delivery for all new customers who register with us and place an order from now until May 01, 2020.
Please use coupon code 852REBOOT

Tax, Accounting & Other Support Services

Sleek is an online corporate services platform, providing company secretary, accounting & audit services in a totally paperless way.
Offer: HKD852 off your first bill, use code "852REBOOT" when checking out.
SleekSign is an electronic signature tool, free of charge, unlimited in use, and legally binding. You are welcome to use it to send documents across for signature!
Set up a new HK company at HKD 7,020 (original price HKD 7,800) - valid until 30 Aug 2020
Transfer your HK company to our company secretary and registered address service at HKD 3,420 (original price HKD 3,800) - valid until 30 Aug 2020
Discounted recruitment services from now until the end of June 2020, for any new clients.
Fee is a flat 12% of annual package, when engaged on a retained basis.
Tax, audit, accounting, company secretary, payrolls and general business consultancy by a professional.
Discounted fees and free consulting.

Telecoms & Internet Services

We are a web agency based in Hong Kong since 2012. We build websites using latest technology and fresh design.
TheCodingMachine is proud of helping the community build or upgrade their e-commerce platforms & mobile applications!
2 free consultations: Project Definition & Technology Selection
TheCodingMachine is a web development agency based in Causeway Bay, HK specializing in the creation of customized web platforms and mobile apps.
Agility would like to offer 20% off all User Experience design and software development engagements to those that are impacted by COVID-19.
Agility is a cutting edge technology firm that specializes in delivering engaging mobile and web applications.

Transport & Delivery

Lalamove provides on-demand and same-day delivery services by using technology to connect your business with delivery drivers.
They are offering a discount of HKD30 for new registrants. Use code "LLMWW30" on checkout.

Want to be part of this positive movement to boost business in Hong Kong?